The woman who claims Ravens head of security Darren Sanders groped her during a game has asked a Baltimore court for a peace order, similar to a restraining order, because "I fear for myself and my family's safety." As part of the request, she asked the court to order Sanders to not contact her and to avoid her place of work—M&T Bank Stadium.

The petition, which can be read below, was filed Dec. 26, 12 days after when she says the former Baltimore police officer grabbed her butt multiple times and tried to make her grab his penis. Four days after her petition was filed, police obtained a summons for Sanders on a fourth-degree sexual offense charge. Her petition also contains a detailed account of what she said happened at the stadium. At the time she didn't know his position with the team, she says, but did know his name was Darren. She said he smelled of alcohol.

The woman, who works for security at M&T Bank Stadium, said she noticed Sanders in a hallway talking on his phone, being told by someone to use a particular exit from the building. After overhearing part of his conversation, she told him he was walking in the wrong direction. Sanders seemed confused about which way to go so she took him to a security guard, who asked her to take Sanders to the southwest suite lobby on the opposite side of the stadium. On the way over, she says, their small talk drastically changed when they left the public area.

Once we stepped outside the catwalk doors his mood changed. He said "it's dark out here. Nobody here can see us. Are you scared?" I replied no. He said, "Yes you are. I can see it in your face." I said no you can't. Your mistaken. The look you see is not me being afraid. This has been a long work weekend for me. I'm just trying to get it over with.

He continued to just get kind of weird. So I started to walk faster.

They made their way back inside the building from the catwalk and Sanders "started talking about how sexy I was, and how he liked me."

Once inside he grabbed my buttox and I turned and said Dam! Really? Don't do that. He grabbed it again and said "I like you. Give me your phone number." And grabbed my ass for the third time. I pushed his hand away and said your wrong and totally out of line, you work here. He responded that he didn't care and that he "did what he wanted around here" in a nice voice. I could smell alcohol on him, so I figured if could just get him around the corner it would be over.


She said they were waiting for an elevator when she turned her back to him to give him directions.

Before I could turn around he was pressed up behind me and against the glass. He started to kiss me and I turned around and pushed him away. He grabbed my right hand and tried to put my hand on his penis area. As I was pulling my hand away saying let go! let go! let go! please let me go! The ding of the elevators arrival saved me.

After that, she says, Sanders darted for the lobby exit. The woman made her way back to her work area and said that she was "very upset and confused as to if I should say anything." She says she ended up telling four co-workers about the incident, including her boss, who asked her to meet him at security. There, she says, she was met by two Baltimore police officers and told them what had happened.


Image via Associated Press