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We'll have a more comprehensive roundup of the last two days of testimony at the Jerry Sandusky trial a bit later, but here's something particularly icky that just couldn't wait: An alleged victim who took the stand this morning said Sandusky referred to himself as the "tickle monster" before hugging him in a shower when the accuser was 11 years old.

The accuser is Victim 6, and his allegation in 1998 prompted an investigation that resulted in a 100-page report by Penn State police but no charges from the district attorney who has since been declared legally dead. Here's the AP:

The now-25-year-old alleged victim told jurors Sandusky embraced him in a locker room shower, lathered up his back and shoulders then lifted him chest-to-chest to a shower head to rinse out his hair.


Victim 6 did admit under cross examination that he maintained contact with Sandusky through the years. The two exchanged texts, sent notes on special occasions, and had lunch as recently as last summer. The man also said Sandusky and his wife supported him during a mission trip he took to Mexico.

Here's more from the AP:

When asked why he had decided to testify against Sandusky, the witness said he had been approached by investigators and asked to think more about the 1998 encounter.

"As I started to go over it in my mind I quickly realized, my perception changed thinking about it as an adult as opposed to an 11-year-old," he said. "That was inappropriate, what happened to me."

[Associated Press]

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