ACON Semi-Final Suspended After Ghanaian Fans Attacked With Bottles

Supporters of the Black Stars of Ghana fled the stands and sought refuge on the pitch as fans of the host Equatorial Guinea side reportedly attacked them leading to a suspension of the Africa Cup of Nations semi-final today in Malabo.

Ghana had just taken a 3-0 lead on Equatorial Guinea when the play was suspended after hundreds of Ghanaians rushed down to the playing level. It's been nearly a half hour now, and play has yet to resume; an observer says a helicopter is on the scene, and:

Unconfirmed reports that sections of the Equatorial Guinea fans are waiting at the exit of the stadium to ambush the Ghana supporters. Police are now trying to escort the Ghana fans through the players' tunnel.


The stadium in Malabo is still scheduled to host the third-place match, which will almost certainly feature that same Equatorial Guinea team. Ghana are likely to face the Ivory Coast.