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Actually Having A Gun In Your Pocket > Tebow

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Your morning roundup for Nov. 18, the day we learned a J. Lo butt scam artist actually exists. Photo via Ap Freeze. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors.


What we watched: Tebow! Tebow! Look at our angel from heaven prance and gallop across NFL fields with grace and class for victory after victory. I bet you can't do that!


Don't worry, the BCS isn't actually changing anything: "Among a handful of suggested format changes being considered by Bowl Championship Series members is an informal proposal that would radically change the structure of the BCS and significantly alter the major bowl selection process. According to sources with direct knowledge of meetings held in San Francisco earlier this week, the suggested change calls for the BCS to sever its direct ties with the so-called BCS bowls — the Allstate Sugar Bowl, Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, Discover Orange Bowl and Rose Bowl Game presented by Vizio — and concentrate solely on arranging a No. 1 vs. No. 2 national championship matchup. In addition, the BCS title game could potentially be bidded out to nontraditional sites, such as Jerry Jones' Cowboys Stadium. The proposal also would eliminate automatic BCS bowl qualifying status currently given to the six major conferences. All conferences would be free to make their own deals with the 34 other existing bowls." [ESPN]

This is comforting when your season is on the line: "Instead, the Eagles are preparing to replace their franchise quarterback and leading wide receiver with two players carrying zeros in their most important statistical columns. Vince Young, who has taken all of the first-team snaps in practice, according to teammates, has only one pass attempt with no completions this year. If he gets the nod Sunday, it will be his first start in a year. Riley Cooper, who would fill in for Maclin, has yet to make a reception." [Philly Sports]

Way to inspire your teammates and coaches, captain: "It was less a session with reporters Thursday for Justin Tuck and more a self-flogging stint in the confessional. ‘I (stink)? Yeah,' the Giants' defensive captain said. His next answer: ‘I'm not me. I'm not.' And for the hat trick: ‘I'm not a very good player right now.'" [Newark Star-Ledger]


This week in random assertions: "The NBA season will begin on Christmas Day.
OK, just a guess. And while I'm a big believer in stupidity, seeing it all the time in sports, I will be shocked if the only thing the NBA agrees on is to be stupid en masse. At some point the money grab will win out. There is no way the players hang together and wait until next season to begin play again. And while it might serve the owners, who will be in business long after most of these players have finished their careers, to win it all, the owners won't be much tougher. Many of them represent ownership interests in places like Atlanta, Toronto, Indiana, Cleveland, Memphis, Washington and Minnesota, where they already struggle to find much interest in the NBA." [LA Times]

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