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Actually, You Can't Throw A Pie At Tree-Poisoner Harvey Updyke's Face

Earlier this week, we told you that Harvey Updyke, who poisoned the famous Toomer's Corner oak trees at Auburn, was scheduled to appear at a charity event in Alabama, where paying customers could soak him in a dunk tank or throw a pie at his face.

However, after receiving death threats and negative feedback, Updyke's appearance at the event has been canceled:

Updyke's appearance was canceled Thursday after former Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron's mother, Dee Dee Bonner, and wife Katherine received death threats and other ugly messages on social media.

"It seems to be taking away from the primary purpose, which is raising awareness for children's cancer," Bonner said. "We don't want to take away from the focus. We needed to get away from it."


The charity event is to raise money for the family of John Oliver, a boy who died of cancer in Mobile, Alabama. So now we can add "raising money for the family of a boy who died of cancer" to the list of things that will not protect one from receiving death threats from college football fans.


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