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Adam Dunn Pitched In A Game Tuesday Night

If there is a silver lining to a 15-0 game, it's the possibility that you might see something absurd, like watching a bear-man with 457 career home runs pitch in the ninth inning. Adam Dunn was called in to pitch the final inning for the White Sox tonight in a Rangers blowout. In one inning of work, Dunn allowed one run on two hits and a walk. He now has a 9.00 ERA, but he owned the inside of that plate.

Here is Adam Dunn getting his first out of the inning, a ground-ball to second on a 3-1 count:


MLB's play-by-play data had Dunn relying exclusively on the changeup (he got as high as 83 mph on the gun) except for two pitches. Dunn apparently threw a curveball and slider to his final batter, Rougned Odor. He got 'em with old reliable, though.

Dunn didn't just add his name to the list of all the random position players to have pitched in a major league game, he added his name to a very random and very short list of Hall of Famers.

He then led off the bottom of the ninth with a groundout to second.

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