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Adorable Scamp Steals America's Heart, Throws It Back On The Field

The most important story in the world right now is that of Emily Monforto, the precious 3-year-old protester who led a bold and courageous anti-ballhawking demonstration at Citizens Bank Park this week.

Young Emily has had enough of these gloryhound bleacher bums stalking bullpen catchers and pushing over old ladies just to get baseball souvenirs and she's determined to change minds ... even if that means standing up to her own father. (Call me, Hollywood Producers.) Throwing that baseball back on the field has made her a national superstar—she's supposed to be on the Today Show this morning—and an unlikely spokesperson for the outlawing of memorabilia trade shows. Even my mom has forwarded me this clip, so you know she's the real deal.


Enjoy Emily's cuteness now, America, before the fame goes to her head, she moves up to "My Super Sweet 16," and you decide you'd rather punch her in the face.

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