Adrien Broner, A Dick, Misses Weight, Stripped Of Junior Welterweight Title

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WBA junior lightweight champion Adrien Broner, who is a dick, failed to make weight ahead of tomorrow’s title fight against Ashley Theophane, resulting in him being stripped of his belt.


The circumstances surrounding the failure of Broner, a dick, to make weight are bizarre. ESPN reports that he weighed in at 140.4 pounds, 0.4 pounds over the division limit. He had two hours to get down to weight. That’s a trivial task for any fighting sport athlete; these people can cut freakish amounts of weight in short time periods when necessary. But Broner, a dick, never returned to weigh in.

His trainer framed the issue as dickhead-ass Broner not wanting to “abuse his body” by losing a trivial amount of weight. (While weight-cutting as a practice is horrifying, this is weight that a pro fighter could reasonably be expected to lose over two hours with a hot shower and a vigorous head-shaking.) Via Boxing Junkie:

“It is what it is. The kid chose not to go on and abuse his body (by trying to lose the weight). And hopefully the fans and sportswriters understand that he’s been going through a lot and has a lot of things on his mind,” [Mike] Stafford said. “Hey, we’ll go on and put on a good show tomorrow. Main thing is, the fight’s still on, and the kid will be ready to fight.


Theophane and Broner, a dick, will still fight tomorrow, with Theophane—a guy who was put into this fight in the expectation that Broner would effortlessly beat him up—able to claim the now-vacant junior welterweight belt if he wins. He’ll also get a portion of Broner’s purse (Boxing Junkie reports about $50,000) just for agreeing to fight the overweight Broner, who is a dick.