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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Three days before the 1992 Summer Olympics kicked off, the Dream Team played an intrasquad scrimmage in Monaco, Magic's side vs. Jordan's, arguably the greatest assemblage of basketball legends playing against each other in the same game. As Jack McCallum started researching his book Dream Team, finding the tape became "an obsession" for him, as people were certain that it existed but no one knew who had it and it had certainly never been aired on TV before.


Well, McCallum found the tape and portions of it aired Tuesday night on the premiere episode of Sports Illustrated, a new monthly show on the NBC Sports Network. Perhaps one day we'll get to see the whole thing, but a few highlights are definitely good enough for now.

UPDATE: D'oh. Parts of this footage actually premiered for the first time during NBA TV's excellent documentary The Dream Team, which you should watch here in its entirety. This most recent footage isn't the same cut as NBA TV's and it does give a bit more context than what the documentary used, including noting the final score of the scrimmage, but this wasn't quite the unveiling we initially made it out to be. Apologies. (Although, we still want to see the entire scrimmage.)

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