After 33 Games, The Weis Era Is As Ugly As Ever

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If it's the Friday after another Notre Dame blowout, you know what time it is: Time to play the Charlie Weis vs. Tyrone Willingham game!

Some folks are doing the math on the first 33 games of each coach's Irish tenure, and it's doesn't look good for Mr. Weis.

They each logged 20-13 records and were both 0-3 against USC. Then it gets really interesting. Record vs. Michigan: Willingham (2-1) and Weis (1-2). Point Differential vs. Michigan: Willingham (-28) and Weis (-57). Record vs. ranked opponents: Willingham (7-8) and Weis (4-8).


This ignores, of course, the obvious recruiting issue: Part of the reason Willingham was fired was because he recruited players like the ones who are stinking it up in South Bend right now. But then again, Willingham never made an idiot of himself at some dumb gastric bypass lawsuit trial either.

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