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After All That...Jim Zorn?

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The Washington Redskins, after a long, dilligent, much publicized, energy wasting search for a head coach, decided the best man for the job was former Seahawks quarterback and their new/former offensive coordinator, Jim Zorn. The search took 32 days — and thousands of miles on Dan Snyder's private plane — in a red herring-filled process that baffled both NFL insiders and fans alike.

One person seemingly most upset by this decision is blogger My Brain Says Rage, who offered this expletive-filled summation on Snyder's decision:

[H]e is going to give us three mediocure seasons until you fire him and hire Vince Lombardi's dead corpse to replace him.

At least it is not Jim Fassel, who would make me want to cover myself in red paint and try to ass fuck a bull. But Zorn is still a shitty choice, considering all that was out there.


Red paint and ass fuck a wha...?

Anyway, maybe this decision had less to do with football and more with Dan Snyder's holy right-wing political fascination:

Snyder is attracted to religious zealots in his business affairs... He [Snyder] is a big donor to the Republican Party, a supporter of President George W. Bush and close friends with George Allen, the former far-right-wing senator from Virginia who lost his Senate re-election bid to Jim Webb in 2006 primarily because he was caught on videotape referring to a Webb campaign volunteer as "macaca." ...Zorn is active with Pro Athletes Outreach, a group that aims "to recruit and equip an army of coaches, professional athletes and their families to make a positive impact in the world for Jesus Christ."

If that's the case, as a Redskins fan, I'd be kind of pissed.

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