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After Being Scandalously Interesting, Sloane Stephens Opts To Get Dull

Why do athletes give the worst quotes in the world? Because at a young age they learn the hard way that it's not at all worth it to say interesting things to a reporter.

Last week, Sloane Stephens said revealing, refreshingly honest things about her—non-existent—relationship with Serena Williams. This week, she takes it all back (and blames a reporter, to boot):

“We were eating pizza!” Stephens said, emphasizing that the casual context of her meeting with the reporter made her believe that the late-March interview in Florida had yet to begin. “I understood the fact that those things weren’t going to be written in the article and I was just saying whatever. The person who wrote it just kind of took that and ran with it. That’s what they’re going to do.


"The article coming out, it makes you kind of want to be a robot and say just all the good things and not ever say anything bad. But that’s just not the real world. So you just have to say what you feel. I think definitely people are going to write things that aren’t true and hurtful and things like that, but that’s what sells magazines and that’s what people like to read. I definitely don’t want to be a robot, but I’m going to find a way to stay positive, I guess."


A strong tradition continues.

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