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Somewhere Jeremy Bloom is crying: Last year, Brady Quinn took the homosexual world by storm and this year, it appears the Washington Redskins have hit paydirt with their gay fanbase by signing Colt Brennan. Judging by some of the excitement about Brennan in the past — "Was anyone watching College Gameday on 11/3? They had a feature on Colt Brennan and his passion for spear fishing. While playing the video, they showed him jumping in the ocean and swimming. Well while that was happening, his shorts came down a little bit and you could see the top half of his crack! So hot!" — a Brennan-only 'Skins calendar wouldn't be the worst idea Dan Snyder ever had. [Stet Sports Blog]

Hey! Look! It's...some guy: Chris Mottram is doing a bang-up job roaming around New York City and covering the All-Star game for the Sporting News. He happens upon this ridiculous character, decked-out in full Phillies gear, posing as a player — and people asking for his autograph anyway. [The Sporting Blog]


So this is what it's like if you die and go to WAG heaven?: The Nereida Gallardo "tribute" stories are popping up fast and furiously, as many a footie fan's wet dream is given the retrospective treatment usually reserved fallen idols. Plenty of pictures for you to gawk at in this one. [Machochip]

Which one is Turbo?: D-Wade and Lebron James show-off their highly entertaining dance moves at an Alonzo Mourning charity event last weekend. Some of these moves have to be banned by some of their contract stipulations. They could hurt themselves. [Dock Squad Sports]

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