David Wright might be plowing this lady: Here name is Dianna Russini, she's a TV reporter in New York and a former George Mason soccer player. According to the New York Daily News, she and Wright have been spotted around town together. Wright's response to the allegations: "Who?" Excellent response. [The Big Lead]

The Americans in the Tour de France are peddling swiftly: "Today, after the first mountain stage, Kim Kirchen of Team Columbia took the overall race lead after Schumacher crashed in the yellow jersey in the final kilometer. Kirchen's top 5 finish also propelled him into first in the points race, giving him the prestigious green jersey as well. Too bad he can't wear both on the same day. He'll be in yellow tomorrow." [East Coast Bias]

All-Star Fanfest has giant balls: And other things. You can get your on Topps baseball card made. You can stare at Babe Ruth's jersey. You can learn about women in baseball. "Batter up...hear them call..." Runs at the Javits Center through Tuesday. [Gothamist]

Jermaine O'Neal always wants to win everything — even his daughter's cookie sale: "Yeah, yeah. I'm so competitive. Last year, I bought 70 boxes. I still have them in the pantry. We wanted to teach her the value of competing, but I'm so competitive, it ran into my daughter's life. I had to stand back and she sold them at grocery stores. She finished second this year but it was a good second. She learned something and she taught Dad a lot too." [My Hogtown]