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Afternoon Blogdome: Every Cajun Hates the Tebow With Smoothie King Intensity

But he seems like such a nice guy...: Busted Coverage chronicles the hate. Cajun Boy unleashes it: "See, here's the thing. Everybody hates Tim Tebow. No seriously, everybody hates this fuck. Obviously, as a guy with a vested emotional interest in a football program that plays in the Southeastern Conference and thus competes with Florida for championships year after year, I have a reason to root against the guy. But what I find most striking is that living in New York, I meet all kinds of people from all different backgrounds, and many of them are college football fans who are not from the south, and what I have come to find is that they all fucking hate this guy with the intensity of a million white hot suns, just like me! [Cajun Boy] • The fall of the Raiders began with Gruden: "Letting Gruden go was our biggest mistake," a source in the front office said. "We still haven't recovered from that decision. We should have paid him whatever it took to keep him around. Look how much it has cost us in terms of wins and losses." [Real Clear Sports] • Jose Canseco still wants to fight: "Jose Canseco is planning to fight again. According to WIP radio, Canseco is looking for an opponent to fight him in the Philadelphia area this January. Canseco was knocked out by former Philadelphia Eagle Vai Sikahema in a celebrity fight on July 12th in Atlantic City. Jose, an admitted steroid user, hit 462 home runs in 17 seasons for the A’s, Red Sox, Rangers and others." [SBB] • ESPN's race coverage is not so good: "People don't want to be lied to. They don't want to watch that. I mean, you watch Brad Daugherty and Rusty Wallace and you gotta have a barf bag. It is the worst television ever. They don't tell you anything, it's all this suck-ass, kiss-ass dialogue, it just makes me cringe. That ESPN Now show everyday is one of the worst things that's ever been on television, it's just hysterical to watch. I think it's an insult to a race fans mentality that they have to put up with this shit. " [Ride Buyer]


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