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Afternoon Blogdome: Excessive Force

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Why can't your friends be more like

I do what I want: Chicago Blackhawk enforcer Adam Burish spent a day beating up teenage girls on the set of Jerry Springer. Don't worry—the kid wasn't his. [Dropping The Gloves] Orange Crush: It's good to see that Syracuse fans know how to appreciate a struggling coach, rather than insult them all time. Now, what this about sarcasm? [The Love Of Sports] Back in Black and White: The Montreal Canadiens remember the good old days. Now if they could just get their opponents' goalies to stop wearing masks. [Four Habs Fans] Blimey!: Don't try to tell the British that they don't care about American football or they will totally beat you with a cricket bat. [Juiced Sports] Now that's a cheap shot: Sometimes the best hits are the egregiously illegal kind. Unless you're the guy getting a helmet to the nads. Jebus. [Slushy Gutter Summer]

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