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Afternoon Blogdome: Joe Torre Gets Accosted By Rubber-Faced Fan At Ballpark

He seems friendly Interesting photos of "Desperate Housewives" star Nicolette Sheridan glad-handing with some of the LA Dodgers. In one of the photos, Russell Martin looks like he's wondering if this is some cruel prank being perpetrated by his teammates. [Big League Stew] • This T-shirt comes in all sizes: Introducing the Shawn Kemp paternity T-shirt. Amazingly, this is not put out by Busted Tees. [Sports Northwest] • Goose Gossage would never act like Todd Jones: "Gossage said there is too much “hugging and loving around the [batting] cage… [Former White Sox manager] Chuck Tanner would grab you, slam you up against a locker and say, ‘What are you doing talking to those guys?’.” Gossage said. “‘They aren’t your friends. They’re trying to take food off your table.’ There was no fraternizing.” [MachoChip] • An Olympic Mascot Nightmare Fuel retrospective: Actually, they call it the "The Top 10 Coolest Olympic Mascots," which is just not right. Love the '72 dachshund though. Very fitting. [Inventor Spot]


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