is a uniter, not a divider.

• Yes, it exists: These are (probably) the 10 hottest players in the WNBA. Their fundamentals are outstanding. [Uncoached] • Handsome: This is what Allen Iverson looks like in a Piston uniform, so you can probably imagine him in a Shock uni now too. [Ball Don't Lie] • When will someone notice Gonzaga already?: These mid-major players would totally be All-Americans—if only they were good enough to actually get recruited by better schools! [Examiner] • I've got plenty of these saved up: I'm not sure if this is a Rich Rodriguez costume or just a fat guy in a Michigan hat. I mean, you could throw a rock out any Ann Arbor window right now and hit this guy, right? [World Of Issac] • We're all friends here: Hey, just because you're professional hockey players in the middle of a game, that doesn't mean you get to ignore the Jumbotron "Kiss Cam." Rules are rules, people. [Melt Your Face Off]