• From the best: Mike Holmgren tried to call backsies on his retirement, but the Seahawks brass said "no way." Gee, I wonder where he learned that move? [Seattlest]

• Dotnose Academy: Let me get this straight—some prep school lacrosse jerks are actually mad that they weren't included on a list of other prep school lacrosse jerks? Oh, man ... when my dad's lawyer hears about this! [Inside Lacrosse]

• Here's your gift ... nothing!: Russian bazillionaire and owner of Chelsea FC Roman Abramovich bought 100 acres of land for his girlfriend ... on the moon. Because sometimes lighting cigars with $1,000 bills just isn't obnoxious enough. [Kickette]

• I got nothing here: Meet Tyson Gentry, the most inspiring inspirer that ever inspired. Yes, he's from Ohio State, but don't hold that against him. [Wating For Next Year]


• How were the fries?: A couple of Blackhawks talk about the "McDonald's that time forgot" incident. The legends are true! [NHL.tv]