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Afternoon Blogdome: This Whole Dugout Is Out Of Order!

And Erik Estrada as Fernando Valenzuela: The Hollywood grapevine is reporting that a Tommy Lasorda biopic is in the works and that Al Pacino is on the short list to play him. A true method actor, Pacino will now gain 460 pounds. [SbB] • Posh it like Beckham: Meet Gu Chen, who along with her boyfriend, Laker draft pick Sun Yue, will be part of the hottest new L.A. couple. As is custom, Jack Nicholson has the right of prima nocte. [The Sports Point] • Even J.T. Snow can't save him this time: Dusty Baker has agreed to coach his son Darren (remember him? Awwww) and his 10-and-under traveling tournament team this weekend. The boys have already been mathematically eliminated. [The Big Lead] • Look away, Chiefs fans. It's better this way: How do you know when your season is over? Well, when even your team blanket is getting abused by a lonely dog, that might be a sign. [KC Chiefs Football]

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