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Afternoon Blogdome: Well, That Happened

A breakdown of all the MLB trading action/inaction/etc.: "In the end, it makes total sense for the Pirates, who are planning for next year and beyond, and the Sox, who make, at worst, a lateral move today, and take a huge leap forward for the future. But the Dodgers are now in the weird position of having three outfielders who deserve to play and two who will feel entitled to play but who suck. We can talk about how Manny can't field at all, but Andruw Jones has had a historically bad year at the plate, and Juan Pierre has never been a good hitter. If L.A. takes the field with any outfield lineup other than Manny, Matt Kemp, and Andre Ethier, then we know that they're not really interested in putting their best team on the field." [The Sporting Blog] • That's an amusing couple: The "rumor" tag on these two actually dating again (did anyone know that they were an item before hand?) started with Perez Hilton, but Puck Daddy still ran with it anyway. As will I. If only for the slim chance that this "rumor" was actually started by Eric Lindros who suffered some sort of post-concussion disorder where he's randomly calling gossip columnists to let them know he's banging Kate Hudson. This is all Scott Stevens fault. [Puck Daddy] • More PSU fallout: "It really doesn't matter what the reason for the dismissal is. It's going to look like it was a knee-jerk response to the Outside the Lines piece. After all Paterno just returned from Chicago and the Big Ten Meetings, so it's not like he could have dismissed the players earlier this week since he doesn't own a computer and can't send text messages." [College OTR] • Let's talk about that Griffey trade, White Sox fans: "As far as his hitting goes, assuming he is replacing Paulie’s production, the Sox have an upgrade on their hands. On the year, Griff is hitting .245/.355/.432 which is good for a 102 OPS+. He’s actually been above average which is better than Paulie’s .214/.312/.349/OPS+ 74, much better in fact. If you look at recent Griffey (last 28 days) his line looks better: .263/.391/.553/.944 and this was accomplished with a .263 BABIP meaning he could hit even better. So Griffey obviously has some life left in his bat, but once again we’re unsure as to where he fits in the Sox’ plans." [Life In The Cell]


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