Trade bait: Kendra Wilkinson has gone from being a Bunny to an Eagle. (Or will soon be married to one, anyway.) Think of the money she'll save on Viagra and smelling salts. [Sports Crackle Pop] • Money for nothing: Credit problems? Go hit a hole in one and win a million dollars like this guy did. Or steal Tiger Woods' wallet. [Steady Burn] • You got something on your neck there: That's not a tattoo. Kenyon Martin just got caught on the Kiss Cam. [Sports Hernia] • At least they didn't invade Poland: A motivational speech from Lou Holtz just doesn't carry the same weight it once did. I seem to remember another leader whose motivational speeches didn't work out so well.... [Rumor and Rants] • R.I.P.: Seattle mourns the loss of Tuba Man, who entertained fans outside of many of the city's sports palaces. It's the first time anyone has ever been upset to not hear a tuba playing. [Seattle Times]