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Aggravated Assault? Needs More Cowbell

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Mississippi State students can rest easy tonight, because police have finally located the man who brutally beat a fellow student at the Egg Bowl with, yes, a cowbell.

The MSU/Ole Miss rivalry can get pretty heated. The game goes back to 1901, and if you're going to come root for the visitors, you better come correct. The victim in this case was an MSU student, but brought some friends from the wrong side of the state.

The victim suffered a severe head wound after the suspect struck him in the head with a cowbell, said [Sgt. Brad] Massey in early December a few days after the incident. The victim and the suspect - also believed to be an MSU student - were in the student section bleachers in the north end zone at Davis Wade Stadium at Scott Field near the northwest gate, Massey said in December.

The victim had some friends from Ole Miss with him in the stands, and, after MSU won the football game, some verbal sparring occurred with the suspect that turned violent, culminating in the victim being struck with the cowbell, Massey said.


Though the game was way back in November, the suspect was able to escape the dragnet surrounding Scott Field. A statewide manhunt ensued, culminating in the police releasing crowd photos and pleading for the public to start snitching. Brett Vowell turned himself in yesterday, ending his reign of terror.

Don't fear the reaper.

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