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Ah, The Glorious Days Of Ripped Fuel

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Anybody that went to college in the late 90's and were half-assed gym rats either for athletic purposes or vanity reasons remembers the magical powers of Ripped Fuel.

This was the supplement that was featured on practically every shelf in GNC, playing on the notion that, you, jiggly Nautilus fraud, could be all diesel in a week if you just swirled this powder into your water thermos everyday. It worked. It worked plenty. I remember a few friends of mine who became so addicted to it and amazed by its fat-shredding results that they would buy the stuff in Costco-like bulk. That is until, yeah, it became obvious that when they weren't playing sports full-time and lifting everyday that it made them more tweaked out than Jason Schwartzman in "Spun." (Nobody else saw that movie? Nobody?)

There is no real reason for this post other than that I haven't heard Ripped Fuel mentioned in public in quite some time and it made me long for the days of when ephedra-laced muscle-builders were perfectly legal and available to everyone who just wanted to lose their Natty Light paunch before Spring Break. Ripped Fuel basically became the definitive Pure Evil of over the counter supplements when it was found in Vikings' lineman Korey Stringer's locker. And anybody who's chugged it on an empty stomach and then walked outside on a hot day realized how something like that could happen. But now it's finally brought back in to the conversation thanks to A-Rod admitting that he was a chronic Ripped user back in his Mariner days. You know, when he looked like this.


So Ripped Fuel, I salute you and your ability to give non-professional athletes and do-nothing Communications majors the inspiration to look like the Soloflex guy because you made it seem possible. Oh, and thanks for the orange pee, too. That was awesome.

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