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This video, shot after Indiana's upset victory over Wisconsin last evening, is mostly grueling to watch, and definitely has that Blair Witch shaky-nausea feel to it. But, even though it is hated Indiana, we couldn't help but be charmed by the great college tradition of rushing the court after a big upset victory.

A couple of years ago, there seemed to be an epidemic — that word again; we're still shaken up by the herpes story, sorry — of fans running on the court after games that weren't even upset victories; they were running just to run. But this one seemed legitimately joyous, and is something to unique to college athletics. (Try this at Yankee Stadium, and a three snipers will pick you off from the roof.) Sadly, our time at Illinois was an athletic barren one, and we were never able to rush the field/court. Videos like this remind us how sad that makes us.


Oh, and nauseous. The video does makes us that too.

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