Last week, we published some rather unusual photos of new Browns quarterback Brady Quinn and the wedding of his sister and Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk. Well, Hawk spoke this weekend about the photos and he isn't too happy.

"Yeah, that was just a bad decision on the photographers we chose,. It's been an issue a little bit. We had no idea what happened. Some photos got put up without our permission. I just feel bad for Brady and other people that were at the wedding, because it was just something that the D.J. had set up, I don't know, some 'Village People' thing that they did, and some pictures got out and it's tough. I guess you've got to watch every single thing you do because everything's public now."

We're not sure when in A.J. Hawk's life everything wasn't public — including wedding pictures distributed online — but whichever. We think the world is a better place with this picture of Brady Quinn being passed around. We suspect even Brady would agree.

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