Photo Credit: Wade Payne/AP

The fallout from the FBI’s NCAA sting has claimed another job: that of Alabama director of basketball operations Kobie Baker, who came to the school from a position with the NCAA as its assistant director of enforcement for basketball development. Yep.

Alabama announced Baker’s resignation tonight, saying that they had done an internal investigation after news broke yesterday of the FBI’s investigation. The university claimed that no other coaches or staff members were believed to be involved or to have committed any further violations.


The FBI investigation nailed several basketball coaches, businessmen and Adidas employees for recruiting violations that led to arrest and charges of bribery and fraud for some. The full scope of the scandal is still unknown, with news breaking tonight that at least one University of Miami employee was also involved, in addition to Alabama’s announcement. That brings the full list of implicated schools—right now—to Auburn, Louisville, Miami, South Carolina, Arizona, Oklahoma State, Alabama and USC, as noted by Pat Forde of Yahoo Sports.

Baker’s previous position with the NCAA specifically involved “processing information in cases of amateurism violations,” per the Alabama Media Group