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Alabama-Birmingham Blazers

1. Tom Penders Is Not Coming To Birmingham. When Arkansas gave Nolan Richardson the boot, his assistant coach Mike Anderson found his home at UAB. Fortunately for UAB, Anderson brought the up tempo offense used at Arkansas and not Richardson's "t-shirt under the blazer" wardrobe. Due to Anderson's success at UAB, he's regularly mentioned for other head coach openings including Missouri and Ole Miss. UAB fans can rest easy that if he leaves, Tom Penders won't apply for the job.


2. It's Not Called The "Magic City" For Nothing. Blazer fans — and Kentucky fans, for that matter — will never forget the magical no-look 3/4 court backwards pass from Ronell Taylor to twin brother Donell Taylor for the slam in the NCAA tourney in 2004 (UAB went on to defeat the No. 1 seed Wildcats.) Ronell made his first NBA start this week for the Wizards, while the guy who threw the ball away on that play, Antwain Barbour ... he's balling for the Yakama Sun Kings.

3. The UAB Mascot: Ironic In A Nasty Way. Federal agents arrested a UAB junior last week and charged him and two others in the Alabama church burnings. It wasn't hard to find the irony in this sad situation. Plenty of jokes about showing his school spirit as a Blazer. — Joseph Schell

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