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Alabama High School Basketball Bedlam

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The massive Tuesday night brawl between Montgomery's G.W. Carver High School and Valley High resulted multiple arrests, multiple ejections, and still no winner. Video after the jump.

What started as a hard foul with 6:23 remaining in the 4th quarter during the 5A Boys State Basketball Playoffs, turned into a free-swinging donnybrook under the basket, which eventually emptied both benches and made its way into the stands. For close to two minutes it seemed like everyone inside the Alabama State University Acadome landed a punch.

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At's "Sentelligence" blog, many of the commenters are offering their own theories as to how something like this could happen. One person in particular is really surprised considering, you know, Obama is our president now:

I didn't vote for Obama, but once he was elected I was really hoping that having a black man as president would change this type of behavior. Looks like they still respect Snoop Dawg more than Barack!


Oh, Alabama.

And the biggest fight here seems to be between the guy in the green shirt and his own pants, which continually fall around his ankles. At the time, Carver-Montgomery was leading Valley 52-37 when play was stopped. But Alabama State High School Officials are reviewing all the footage/carnage before they declare a winner.

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PHOTO: Montgomery Advertiser

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