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Cubs' Albert Almora Jr.: I Promise I Did Not Flip Off Donald Trump Today

Photo Credit: Susan Walsh/AP

The Chicago Cubs visited the White House today to take a few pictures and hear some good conversation. In one of those pictures, outfielder Albert Almora Jr. looked as if he may have kind of, sort of vaguely been flipping the bird to the whole enterprise:


Rest assured, though—he had two fingers outstretched, really. As he told CSN Chicago before tonight’s game:

“Guys were giving me a hard time about it, but I pointed out the second finger. We’re all good.... Obviously, it’s unfortunate. I’m getting ready to take a picture and I’m posing there. But you guys know that I would never do that to the president of the United States. I respect everybody. It is what it is. We laugh about it now, but there’s definitely two fingers out there.”

After a close examination of the photograph (i.e., opening it in a new window, enlarging it, gazing at it for a few seconds), it appears that the shadow of his index finger is visible alongside his middle finger. Or is it? A mystery...

[CSN Chicago]


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