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The Cubs Got To Watch Donald Trump Point And Talk

Photo credit: Susan Walsh/AP

The Chicago Cubs are in D.C. to play the Nationals tonight, and many members of the team traveled to the White House to visit Donald Trump this morning. This was not a traditional post-championship visit—the Cubs went to the White House while Barack Obama was in office after winning the World Series—but rather an unexplained photo op. Anyway, here’s some video of how the meeting went down:


If watching nearly six minutes of Donald Trump sort of aimlessly wandering around while pointing at various people and things that catch his attention isn’t your thing, here is a transcription of a representative moment:

TRUMP: Let’s go over to the Oval—the Oval Office. Where’s Dan? Where’s Dan Gilbert? He was right outside, grab him. Where’s Dan? Dan Gilbert just came in. He’s the basketball—he’s looking for a good basketball player. Anyone play basketball? Let’s go over to—where’s Dan Gilbert? Come here, Dan. Come here, Dan. You want eh, uh, come over here. You want a good baseball player to play basketball? So Dan owns the Cavaliers, and I would say, I guess you can’t say great season, right? Good season. Last year was a great season, right? Anyway.

[Pointing offscreen at former Senator Dan Coats] Senator. [Addressing someone over his right shoulder] You know who that is, right? One of the greats. [Addressing Coats] Are you a fan? [Gives thumbs up] We have a lot of fans. Dan, do you want to come over here with this team? Come on Senator, get on over here with this team. Come on. Come on. He’s a little shy.

Anyway, that’s what’s going on at the White House today.

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