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Albert Breer Calling Someone From ESPN "Assface" Is Currently Front-Page News On The NFL Network's Website

Click the image above to enlarge it, then take a look at the running Twitter feed in the lower-middle section of what you see. Yep, that's Albert Breer calling Tim MacMahon of ESPN Dallas "Assface" on the main page of the NFL Network's website (a more complete image of the front page can be found here).

A lot of sites will publish the most recent tweets by members of their staff, but it's not often a gem like this winds up in the scroll, front and center for anyone to see when they're checking in for the latest news on whatever no-name kicker the Steelers are currently working out. For a little context, the full Twitter back and forth between Breer and MacMahon can be found below. It looks like they got into it over the infamous Robert Kraft video. Thanks for keeping us informed, fellas.


Update (6:58 p.m.): MacMahon responds to say that "Breer used 'Assface' as a term of endearment." Front-page news!

There used to be a Storify embed here, but Storify doesn’t exist anymore.

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