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Here's Patriots Owner Bob Kraft Helping His Girlfriend With Some Kind Of Weird Audition

Well, this isn’t something we ever thought we’d see. Here’s 32-year-old occasional actress Ricki Noel Lander, better known around Boston as the close “pal” of Patriots owner Robert Kraft, and she appears to auditioning for the role of “Mary Elena” in something that requires her to be in a bikini. So far, so normal. Then, before we get anywhere in the audition process, out pops (you guessed it!) Bob Kraft to lend some assistance running lines. There’s dancing, horrendous acting, even Kraft fake-punching some dude and uttering the words “Fuck you, pussy!” Oscar-worthy stuff, really.


If you can make any sense of this video and its backstory drop us a line.

UPDATE (10:05 a.m.): Barstool Sports’s Jerry Thornton appeared on Toucher and Rich in Boston to discuss the video’s provenance. Thornton says the film for which Lander’s auditioning is The Internship, a forthcoming Vince Vaughn/Owen Wilson flick. Kraft was doing Wilson’s lines.

UPDATE (3:20 p.m., July 13): At the request of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, we have removed the full video. Please enjoy the brief, newsworthy highlights from the original video and feel free to comment on them.

[YouTube, h/t Chip and Jeremy; update h/t to The Awesome Boston]