Albert Haynesworth: Barhopping Thursday, Late For Practice Friday, Suspended For Season Today

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The photo here and email below is from a reader in the D.C. area who ran into the Redskins' headache-inducing defensive lineman Thursday at the American Tap Room. Remember, Haynesworth was benched for arriving one minute late to practice Friday morning.


Haynesworth claimed he was "sick" and that's why he was late Friday morning and practiced so poorly on Thursday. (He was healthy enough that he still wanted to play against the Giants on Sunday.) A few minutes ago, the Redskins suspended Haynesworth for the rest of the season for "conduct detrimental to the team."

The reader's email, [sic]'d:

I was out at a bar in Reston Va last Thursday night. It was around 1:30 in the morning and guess who stumbled in but Albert Haynesworth, with two or three very petite young things. He had a drink in hand and hung out for a bit over in the corner near the bathroom. As I came out of the bathroom, I snapped a picture of him with my phone and the flash went off. As a Giants fan I was
going to send it to some friends back home.I then walked back to my friends at a different part of the bar. Not two minutes later the small blonde you see in the picture comes over to me and asks for my
camera/phone, to which I promptly reply "No". Her response is nothing short of hilarious.

In front of a group of friends, she berated me as a "piece of shit" and a "big fucking loser" along with a bunch of other random curses and profanities. The girls I were with, bless their heart, started getting in front of her and she finally went back to hang out with Fat Albert realizing she was only making whatever she thought I was doing in taking the picture much worse by haranguing me. It was near closing time so I headed out with a group of friends, expecting to be confronted again, but nothing happened.

As we were walking out I told a friend of mine who had been in a different part of the bar what happened. Being a Skins fan, (who had been out of the country for 6 months and only partially aware of what
a d-bag Haynesworth has been) he ran back inside, went right up to Al and said "I just want you to know, as a big Skins fan, I really love you and I don't think you are getting a fair shake," to which Fat Al responded by giving him a big bear hug and a jovial drunken laugh.

Douche and non-douche all in the course of 15 minutes....but most definitely drunk on a night before the practice he showed up late for.

Haynesworth, for his part, copped to going out on Thursday, but he disputed a Comcast SportsNet report that he was hungover at Friday's practice:

Yeah I went out, on Thursday, but I left early because I wasn't feeling good and went home. People were saying that I was hung over and drunk or whatever, but if you look at my career, if you look at my college career, there's never, ever been alcohol involved. I've never been pulled over, I've never had a DUI, I've never had any public intoxication or anything like that. For these people to make up lies to try to make me look bad, it's ridiculous. I think they're cowards, and I think that if they have something to say, they should say it to my face, instead of being cowards and running to the media to try to blast me behind my back.