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ALDS Game 1 Live Blog: Red Sox Vs. Angels

We close out the day with our second live blog, though we can't imagine there are any Red Sox fans who didn't start working at 5:30 a.m. today to make sure they got out of the office in time for this game. Surely, there are West Coasters stuck. So, to close us out, we pass the mic to Sarah Schorno, Huffington Post contributor and creator of Strike Zones And End Zones. She'll guide you through all the fun stuff this evening after the jump, and definitely play along in the comments. Playoffs! Fun!

Top of the Ninth Inning

Beckett stays in as it's do or die time for the Halos.

Fun fact: If Beckett completes this game with a shutout he will have more postseason shutouts than regular season. (3 and 2)


Cabrera grounds out on his first pitch. Beckett one out a way from a complete game shut out. I can't help but root for him. Because to root for him is to root for baseball. Or something dumb like that.

Guerrero singles to center. One on, two out.

Anderson flies out to center, giving Beckett an incredible complete game shutout.

Thanks for hanging out with me for the last few hours. As predicted, it came down to pitching and Beckett has earned his hookers and blow. Can Dice-K pick up where Beckett left off? Tomorrow will tell

Angels 0, Red Sox 4

Bottom of the Eighth Inning

Youk flies out to right. One down.

Ortiz flies out to center. Two down.

Manny pops out in foul territory. Trips on his XXXXXL uniform on
his way back to the dugout.


Angels 0, Red Sox 4

Top of the Eighth Inning

Beckett still in. Lackey still crying.

Kotchman grounds out on a throw from Youk to Beckett. Man down.

Kendrick threads a single past Lugo and Lowell.

Erik Aybar comes in to pinch hit for Mike Napoli. He proceeds to ground into a force out knocking Kendrick out at second and putting himself on first. If that's not superb pinch hitting, I don't know what is.


Kendry Morales in to pinch hit for Willits. Aybar steals second on a wild pitch. Beckett responds by striking out Morales on a nasty inside pitch.

Beckett ends the inning with 101 pitches. Could he go 9? I think he could!

Angels 0, Red Sox 4

Bottom of the Seventh Inning

The Angels bring in former starter Ervin Santana to relieve Lackey. Lackey does, indeed, look relieved.


Crisp pops out to third. One down.

Lugo called out on strikes. Two down.

Pedroia strikes out swinging. Inning over. Santana smirks at Lackey while Lackey gives him the finger. Name calling ensues.


Angels 0, Red Sox 4

Top of the Seventh Inning

Beckett starts the inning with just over 70 pitches and looking fresh. Cut to a shot of Lackey in the dugout who looks like he's aged 20 years in the last 2 hours.


Cabrera grounds out to short. One down.

Guerrero's helmet looks like it's sponsored by the Pine Tar Association of America. He singles to left, ending Beckett's run of 19 straight batters down.


Pinkeye Anderson pops out to third. Two down.

Announcer Steve Stone calls a two out double play on Izturis. I guess he thinks giving the Angels an extra out this inning might help.


Angels 0, Red Sox 4

Bottom of the Sixth Inning

Leave me alone. I'm eating.

Angels 0, Red Sox 4

Top of the Sixth Inning

Napoli strikes out swinging.

Willits strikes out on a foul tip. Two down.

Figgins out on a great catch by Coco Crisp in center. Not bad for a guy named Coco.

Angels 0, Red Sox 4


Bottom of the Fifth Inning

Pedroia grounds out. One down.

Youk goes down looking. Don't sweat it Youk. It happens.

Ortiz gets walked, which probably isn't such a bad thing. One man on, two down.

Does Ramirez put on a bigger uniform before each inning? Manny goes down on a questionable strike three stranding Papi at first.


Angels 0, Red Sox 4

Top of the Fifth Inning

Beckett hits the mound looking like an Angel killer.

Izturis pops up to short center. Jose Mora on the sidelines looks like he got a 4 for 1 deal in the Botox department.


Kotchman strikes out swinging. Two down.

Kendrick grounds out. Pitch/Strike count: Beckett 64/47, Lackey 70/43

Angels 0, Red Sox 4

Bottom of the Fourth Inning

Varitek strikes out on five pitches from Lackey.

Crisp pops out in foul territory. Two down.

Lugo strikes out, giving Lackey his second K of the night and a 1-2-3 inning. Atta boy!


Angels 0, Red Sox 4

Top of the Fourth Inning

Cabrera strikes out on some nastiness from Beckett.

Guerrero grounds out. Two down. Beckett's only thrown 13 balls in 49 pitches. Not gonna lie. I'm a little turned on.


Anderson strikes out to end the inning. How's that pinkeye working out for ya?

Angels 0, Red Sox 4

Bottom of the Third Inning

Third inning and Lackey's pitch count is already at 38. Not good.

Youkilis doubles up the third base line bringing a dangerous looking Papi to the plate.


Ortiz hits a two run shot to right field as Lackey wipes away tears. Two runs in, one out.

Ramirez gets walked. Lackey! Hold it together dude!

Ramirez to second on a pitch in the dirt by Lackey. Lackey falls behind Lowell 3-1.


Lowell singles to center bringing Ramirez home from third. I hope the Angels bullpen ate their Wheaties today.

JD Drew hits into a double play (again, a shock to all in attendance) to end the inning.


Angels 0, Red Sox 4

Top of the Third Inning

Mike Napoli grounds out to Youk. One down.

Reggie Willits flys out to left. Two down. Little Manny Ramirez looks like he's playing dress up in Big Papi's uniform.


Figgins strikes out on a hellacious pitch from Beckett, putting Beckett's K count at 2.

Angels 0, Red Sox 1

Bottom of the Second Inning

Jason Varitek leads of with a single to right field.
Coco Crisp hits into a double play. Two down with one shot.


Julio Lugo singles to right, and then ends the inning by getting thrown out trying to steal second. Francona off the bench again. The under is looking like a pretty safe bet right now.

Angels 0, Red Sox 1

Top of the Second Inning

Maicer Izturis grounds out to third. One down.

Casey Kotchman grounds out to Pedroia. Two down

(Camera cuts to a close up of Mike Scioscia. -1 for HD broadcasting)

Howie Kendrick fouls off. his foot. Francona's off the bench to argue. I'm putting the over/under on Francona's ejection at the 7th inning. Kendrick responds by flying out to center.


Angels 0, Red Sox 1

Bottom of the First Inning

Dustin Pedroia grounds out to third

Kevin Youkilis...going....going...GONE!! Sox go up one run on a shot to left center. Apparently it's the first postseason HR of his career. Yooooouuuuuuk!!!!!


(Ted Robinson and Steve Stone are already starting with the useless stats. Wonderful.)

David Otriz singles on a line drive to left.

Manny Ramirez singles, sending Ortiz to third and Lackey to therapy.

Mike Lowell pops out to third. Two down.

JD Drew grounds out to the shock of all watching. Inning over.

Angels 0, Red Sox 1

Top of the First Inning

Shawn Sean Chone Figgins singles off the glove of Pedroia on a 3-2 pitch from Beckett to start the inning.


Orlando Cabrera bloops to short, getting thrown out at first and advancing Figgins to second.

Figgins takes a shot at stealing third as Vlad Guerrero grounds out to third. Runner on third, two out.


Garret Anderson, who's facing Beckett with an eye swollen shut from pinkeye, strikes out swinging to strand Figgins at third and end the inning.

Game so far: almost exciting

Angels 0, Red Sox 0


Hi folks. I'll do my best to keep you updated while putting aside my hatred for the Sox.


The Beckett - Lackey match-up should be interesting as both boys have seen postseason action before and are among the top contenders for the Cy Young. Unfortunately the Angels have a horrid record against the Sox having lost 10 of 11against them with Lackey on the mound. There are some heavy bats in both line-ups. One misstep from either of these pitchers will blow the game wide open.

Hopefully this live blog will go much better than this afternoon's. Note to Bolster: Put down the Penthouse and pay your internet bill. Oh, and don't be embarrassed that you couldn't finish. It happens to every guy now and then.


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