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Alex Len Committed The Dumbest Possible Foul

Ahead by four against the Boston Celtics with only 19 seconds to go, the Phoenix Suns had to feel pretty good about their chances. Some solid defense plus clutch free throwing was all that was needed to win the game. Then this Alex Len foul happened.


To be fair, Len's 19 and 7 off the bench was one of the biggest reasons the Suns were even ahead in the first place, but man is that a terrible foul. Even if Rondo hits the three—and look at how bad he shot on the right side last season—with two seconds left all the Suns would need to do to win is successfully inbound the ball. Just let the guy shoot. Get your hand vaguely close to him if you can, but absolutely do not nearly bulldoze him.

Rondo missed the three (and all of his free throws) so Len wasn't punished for his mistake, but that's easily the dumbest foul we've seen committed so far this season.

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