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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Alex Ovechkin Really, Really Loves The Song "My Neck, My Back"

Illustration for article titled Alex Ovechkin Really, Really Loves The Song My Neck, My Back
Photo: Dmitry Serebryakov (AP)

Stanley Cup winner Alex Ovechkin is wringing as much out of the offseason as he can, presumably so he can drink it while shirtless. The Washington Capitals captain took his championship tour to his hometown of Moscow this past weekend. Ovi attended a viewing party for the national team’s World Cup match against Croatia, traipsed through Red Square, and slurred the lyrics “do it now / lick it good / suck this pussy just like you should” at a party. That’s his most impressive hat trick yet.


Here he is at a shindig, grunting along with Khia’s early-aughts hit “My Neck, My Back (Lick It)while filming his mom Tatyana as she dances with some flowers:

Teammate Evgeny Kuznetsov joined him for another performance:

No, seriously, Alex Ovechkin can’t get enough of “My Neck, My Back”:


As further evidence, he played the damn song while having a nice family dinner last month!

Either Ovechkin doesn’t understand the lyrics—doubtful—or he knows that no one around him will pick up on them. Okay, it’s possible that this isn’t an either-or situation and he just likes songs about eating pussy and butt.

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