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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

There's nothing illegal or even wrong with what Ovechkin's doing here—nonetheless, one must wonder how perhaps the best athlete in the NHL stays in shape doing this.


We'll avail ourselves of Google Translate for this still-unintelligible Life Sports' Russian article:

Grand opening of the summer veranda at the restaurant "column" was completed for the hockey player a beer feast.

Despite the sport mode, foamy drink Ovi prefers light up a hookah.

Alexander came to us with your friends. They ordered with two dozen large glasses of beer, fried steaks, salads and a hookah. Account has turned to 30 thousand rubles - told Life Sports waiters and VIP guests.

By the way, dinner at an expensive restaurant, went to a hockey player is absolutely free. One of the drunken visitor facilities, recognizing Ovechkin his idol, he decided to pay a substantial amount.


30 thousand rubles is about a thousand dollars, which seems an appropriate price for two dozen beers, along with hookah, and fried steaks.

Of course, the intestinal price Ovechkin will pay for a night of beer and fried steaks is a bit higher.

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