Alex Rodriguez To Undergo Surgery On His Other Hip, Miss A Large Chunk Of Next Season

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It was just three years ago that Alex Rodriguez had surgery on his right hip to repair a torn labrum. Now, multiple media outlets are reporting that A-Rod is set to have the same procedure done on his left hip. He reportedly hurt his hip towards the end of last season, slogged through his dismal postseason performance by loading up on painkillers, and has been trying to rehab the injury ever since. Rehab isn't working, though, and now A-Rod has to go under the knife. The New York Daily News reports that the procedure is expected to keep him out of the Yankees lineup until June or July.

The good news for A-Rod is that he now has an explanation for his poor play this past postseason that doesn't strictly boil down to, "He is old and not very good at baseball anymore." The bad news for A-Rod is that he is now a 37-year-old slugger with two bad hips, which means that he will likely spend the rest of his career playing like a guy who is old and not very good at baseball anymore. The bad news for Yankees fans is that they are going to be without their favorite punching bag for a good portion of next season. I mean, what are they going to do now, shit on Brett Gardner?


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