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LSU and Texas are tied at 26 at the half after Darrell Mitchell pulled a little pickpocket job and scored a quick two on an easy lay-up at the buzzer.

The amount of talent on the floor is pretty spectacular. I don't know if he plans on going pro, but Tyrus Thomas's draft stock has to be skyrocketing. Everytime he runs off the floor, he should start pumping his arm and yelling, "CHA-CHING! CHA-CHING!" Unless UConn ends up playing Villanova, this is probably the most basketball talent you'll see on the floor together in one game.

Brad Buckman leads Texas with 8 points (with two three-balls, and a couple of excellent blocks), Big Baby Davis has 9 for LSU, and Tyrus Thomas backs that up with 8 points, most of which have come on thunderous alley-oops directly onto the unsightly head of Brad Buckman.