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Oh, but to be in Portland, Maine this weekend! We have found the next great American sport, and it will be celebrated this Sunday. Ladies and gentlehumans, we introduced you to ... Zombie Kickball.

Some wisdom from the official site (which even has a song!), about the rules:

We will only be using WAKA's official rules as loose guidelines. For instance, WAKA requires that players kick the ball with their feet. We will allow hobbled zombies to use any intact body part to move the ball - in fact, dismembered parts of other bodies will also be allowed.

Kickball is a simple game consisting of two teams, bases and a big red ball. Played like baseball, the object is to score more runs than the opposing team. Zombie Kickball will play with 11 fielders and 5 innings - base coaches, bouncies, headshots, forced outs, and ghost men are all negotiable. Proper respect and civility will be required of all participants toward one another at all times.


To explain the game:

We love zombies, as you might know. Our favorite zombie movie is "Zombies Vs. Sharks," in which Zombies and Sharks fight each other. The ocean is not an easy environment for zombies to thrive, but dammit, thrive they do.

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