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Tiny tidbits and news niblets from the final week of the NFL season ...

• It sure is nice seeing Kerry Collins back, isn't it? Remember when Kerry Collins was a big controversial figure? He got DUIs before it was cool to get DUIs. Collins has been around longer than you realize; he actually took over for Frank Reich, for crying out loud. Vince Young should be fine for the playoff game next week, which is kind of a shame; it might have been fun to see Collins' goofy arm hitch in the playoffs one more time. Not that we have much hope for the Titans anyway; when Kerry Collins is your savior, not even facing Norv Turner will be enough to keep you around long.


• Honestly, it really has been the worst sports year for Cleveland. It's downright wrong; that city has been cursed with just enough hope to make the disappointments really hurt. But hey, look who got some minutes yesterday!

• No offense to Vikings fans, but we're more excited to see the Redskins in the playoffs than the Vikes. Yep: We have Todd Collins fever. We bet they beat the Seahawks, by the way.

• Everyone in Detroit is chattering that Mike Martz is going to be fired. No Super Bowl losing coach has dropped as far as Martz since, who, Bill Callahan? It's a shame Nebraska, just to be funny, can't hire Martz as its next coach.


• Apparently Marv Levy is leaving Buffalo. That makes us extremely sad; we wanted him to be there until he was 103.

• The Buzzsaw finished 8-8. Mock us if you will, but we'll absolutely take it. That's the first non-losing season in a decade. Just in time for Leinart to return and screw it all up next year.


(CORRECTION: Kerry Collins did not take over for Frank Reich. That was Todd Collins. So many Collinses! We apologize.)

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