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With three seconds left in the first half of the Seahawks-Bills game, chaos took over.

Dan Carpenter lined up a half-ending 53-yard field goal, but his attempt was thwarted when Richard Sherman shot across the line (offside) and got all up in Carpenter’s way, blocking the kick with his chest and barreling into Carpenter’s knee. Sherman should have been called for roughing the kicker, but instead he just drew an offside penalty. The referees managed to deliberate and fuck this up too. Because the Bills had no timeouts left, Carpenter had to sit out the next play. The Bills spiked it with a second left, setting up a 49-yarder.


However, the referees fucked that up too and called Buffalo for a delay of game despite an official standing over the football when the ball was snapped. Carpenter then missed the ensuing 54-yard field goal by inches. You can watch the entire insane sequence below.

Rex Ryan was steaming mad about the whole thing, and I can’t really blame him. The Bills went into halftime down two possessions, when they should have only been behind by one.

Staff writer, Deadspin

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