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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

"All I Talk Is Money" Fred Davis Raps In New, Terrible Music Video

It's a long offseason for football players who don't make the playoffs, so maybe it's not a total surprise to see the Redskins' Fred Davis popping up on Youtube with a new music video. What's also not a surprise? It sucks.


But hey, at least they tried to make it cool by implementing a bunch of rap video tropes: There are the copious bottles of alcohol (though you might want to take a pull from one of them to loosen up your dancing) in the VIP section of a club, the loosely strewn-about bills, the expensive cars and jewelry (that probably aren't rented, for once!), and a girl suggestively croaking on the hook—a hook with about two too many words, but I digress.

You might want to tighten up your circle, though. I believe you when you say all you talk is money but it looks like all your weed carriers lean mixers talk about is your money. That's gotta be the first and last beat that producer ever gets paid for.


h/t Jada

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