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Allie Gator, Florida Pole Dancer, Tells All

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Remember the provacative pole dance honoring the Florida Gators we showed you on Wednesday? The woman calls herself Allie Gator, and Larry Brown Sports interviewed her.

Allie doesn't attend Florida but her father taught there, and she lives in the area. And she's a BIG Gators fan, as one can see. Turns out that she actually teaches pole dancing, touting it as a great fitness workout exercise. From the LBS interview:

How did you get started with the videos and with pole dancing in general?

I started pole dancing three years ago. I'm a professionally trained dancer and used to be a junior Olympic gymnast for about 10 years. I wanted to teach ballet and was going to apply for a job at a studio and there was a stripper-aerobics class going on while I was waiting. I told the dance instructor that I was there to apply as a ballet instructor. She told me she was looking for instructors because she was getting ready to open up her own studio. Three months later, I started teaching myself and got a pole in my house and started watching YouTube videos once I got to an advanced level.


And then we have this:

So you also teach lap dances?

Yes, I teach pole dancing and I also teach lap dance and exotic dance. ... I think it's another great form of exercise because there's a lot of movements that look sexy, but if you do them repetitively they also work you out.

How was this not a Seinfeld episode? George Costanza swipes Frank's aluminum Festivus pole and introduces a new workout regimen for the Yankees.

Oh, and Plaxico Burress has already signed up for Allie's class.

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