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Already-Concussed Sidney Crosby Smashed Headfirst Into Boards

Tonight in the first period of the Pittsburgh Penguins’ Game 6 against the Washington Capitals, Penguins star Sidney Crosby got wrecked again. Crosby smashed headfirst into the boards behind the Capitals’ goal, then dazedly sat up and struggled to get back on his feet. It was a scary hit on its own merits made even scarier by the fact that it came a week after Crosby was concussed after being hit in the head by the Capitals’ Matt Niskanen in Game 3.

Crosby, who missed Game 4, which the Penguins won, and then returned for Game 5, which the Pens lost, has a history of concussions and someone should probably make him sit this one out, for his own good.


Reporter at Deadspin.

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