Alternate Titles For Tim Tebow's Upcoming Book

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Failed NFL quarterback Tim Tebow has gone and done what all famous white people in their 20s seem to be doing these days: he’s written a book about himself (this is actually Tebow’s second such book). The title of this book is SHAKEN: Discovering Your True Identity in the Midst of Life’s Storms, and is focused on how Tebow’s faith in God helped him deal with highs and lows of his short NFL career.

We admire Tebow for writing what reports to be an honest self-examination, but we feel the book’s title could be a bit more straightforward. With that in mind, here are some alternate titles, suggested by the Deadspin staff:

  • My Arm’s Too Weak To Box With God
  • God Intercepts Your Prayers In Mysterious Ways
  • God Said Come See Me And Bring Your Playbook
  • The Ways Of God, Much Like My Throwing Motion, Are Difficult To Understand
  • Intercepted: Accepting A New Career Path
  • If I’m Born Again, Why Do I Still Have The Same Crappy Arm?
  • Unanswered Prayers: How God Took Me On A Journey Into The Garbage Can
  • Let Us Now Praise Quarterbacks Who Are Better Than Me (All Of Them)
  • What God Taught Me, And What He Didn’t (How To Throw A Football)
  • The God Delusion: How I Prayed For A Cannon And Got A Pop Gun
  • Jesus! I’m A Terrible Quarterback

Please feel free to share your own suggestions.

Photo via AP