Although This Type Of Scene Is Likely Not To Occur At The Deadspin Meetup, Please Do Drop By

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No, I'm assuming there won't be any impromptu jello wrestling matches or any females present besides those being dragged out by their significant others or friends-of-friends of Gawker media. This doesn't mean you still can't stop by for free beer.


And, yes, the Blogs With Balls circle jerkavaganza is also tomorrow (which I will also be attending) but this is something completely independent from that meant to give back to you Manhattan-area readers who would like to spend an afternoon frolicking around watching baseball at a few bars with strangers.

Here are the details again for those who want attend:

Deadspin Subway Series Bar Crawl, Saturday 6/13 from 3:30-8:30
-Start out at Mercury Bar on 34th and 3rd Ave from 3:30-5.
-Then over to Tonic (3rd and 29th) from 5-6:30.
-Finally, end the night at Sidebar (15th and Irving) from 6:30-8:30.
-Revelers can come and go as they wish, no need to show up exactly at 3:30 and stay the whole time.
-Corona has been nice enough to sponsor the meet up, meaning there will be FREE Corona all night for our readers.
-Obviously since it's a Subway Series Meet Up, team colors are suggested but not required.

Remember — just show up and say something along the lines of "I'm here for the free Corona" or the much more entertaining "poon shovel" to whatever door guardian you come upon at any of these bars and you will be pointed in the right direction and gifted with beer. As an added bonus, anyone sporting a yarmulke and overalls will get two free shots courtesy of me. No pets, guns, or flatware, please. We want this to be a safe event.

Any more problems? Just email me at the usual address:

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Tomorrow: Moe Sussman will lead you all in the victory parade. Sunday: Idiot Barking Dog. Again.

Thank you for your continued support of Deadspin. Here's something peppy and light to kickstart your weekend: