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Always Pepper Your Post With Fat Chick Jokes

• A hilarious take on how to start a shitty sports blog. [My Brian Says Rage]
• Ichiro's dog influenced him to stay in Seattle. [Enjoy the Enjoyment]
• How'd Cornelius not make the '07 All-Star Cereal roster? [Gheorge: The Blog]
• Isiah signs 25 teams to a one-year, $1.8 million deal. Wow. [ArmchairGM]
• Marco Belinelli needs a nickname. I like 'The Renaissance Man.' [Say Hey]
• Some people don't care if you don't like soccer. [Pop Jocks]
• Another Celtics blog joins the Internet dance. [Parquet Pride]
• Parenting for dummies and/or middle linebackers. [Blogcritics]


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