Amara Darboh Celebrates U.S. Citizenship With One-Handed Circus Catch

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Amara Darboh and his family fled the civil war in Sierra Leone when he was two years old, and after four years of moving across West Africa, he was eventually taken in by a family in Iowa. Both of his parents were killed in the fighting, and The Ann Arbor News has the definitive profile on him, which is worth your time. In Iowa, he became a four-star receiver and is now Michigan’s best receiver.

On Thursday, the now 21-year-old Darboh became a United States citizen in Detroit, after losing his paperwork in the process of moving to Ann Arbor four years ago. During today’s game against BYU, Darboh made a legitimately great catch to earn a first down on an eventual Michigan scoring drive. We give him nine out of 10 Odell Beckham Jr.’s for this one. Michigan currently leads BYU in their upset bid.


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